Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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LVP is the perfect combination of luxury and budget

You can have both – especially when you find a knowledgeable luxury vinyl flooring retailer like Johnny Carpet. With over 25 years of experience, our knowledgeable staff can choose the right product to highlight each unique space in your home.

As the area’s premier family-owned flooring retailer, you can rest assured that you get the time, expertise and attention you need. Choose the luxury vinyl flooring product that is right for you with our helpful staff at Johnny Carpet. 

When you shop at Johnny Carpet in Freeport, PA, you’re buying an experience. We provide our customers a complete service — from sales to design to installation. 

We are the area’s one-stop shop for everything home flooring.


Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

You don’t have to drain your pocketbook to get the beautiful floors you deserve! 

Vinyl plank flooring is made to resemble real hardwood flooring. It’s a great option for people who are looking for a hardwood flooring appearance without the hardwood flooring cost. 

LVP is durable and waterproof – so you can stop worrying whenever there’s a spill on your floor. There’s no need to worry about staining or water penetration. As the perfect option for your furry family members, you don’t need to worry about tracking mud, dirt, or any other accidents with this pet-friendly flooring option.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is so realistic that you’ll even find options in different tree species. Customize your look further with different finishes and stains!  You’ll find it all plus the prettiest patterns and latest colors when you shop at Johnny Carpet.

The best part about luxury vinyl plank flooring is that it is so easy to clean!

Stop worrying about using the right floor cleaner on your expensive hardwood floor. Sweep your floors once a week and occasionally wet mop your luxury vinyl plank floor. It’s that easy!

This flooring is manufactured to maintain its beautiful shine all year long.

And, with competitive pricing from Johnny Carpet, many of our customers are floored to hear how affordable this option is for their home.

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A small, intricate, round table with four chairs sits tidy on luxury vinyl plank flooring.

What Our Customers Have to Say

I’m a contractor who uses this company all the time. They never let me down. Have great pricing. My customers love them. HIGHLY recommend!

Carmen Anthony

The people are all heart and people are the heart of any business. Good deals and friendly faces. They have cheap carpet remnants about 12x 12 feet average. They don’t stock outdoor carpet but can order it. New showroom is lovely.

Gene Malinowski

Luxury Vinyl Installation

When you’re choosing someone to install your luxury vinyl flooring, you need someone with the type of expertise you can rely on.

When you shop with Johnny Carpet, our knowledgeable staff will provide you with the professional installation and care your floors deserve. You can trust our experienced installers to follow industry best practices and manufacturer recommendations when installing your luxury vinyl flooring.

One of the best reasons to shop with a local family-owned flooring retailer is the amount of time and attention spent on you and your project.

With Vinyl Floor installation from Johnny Carpet, your floors are protected from ripping and tearing to prolong the life of your floors. What’s even better is that each installation process will be custom fit to your flooring project’s unique needs.

Whether you need to remove an existing floor or install above one, you can rest assured our installers will lay your floor on a clean, dry surface.

A blue kitchen island seen on beautiful luxury vinyl flooring

Expand the life of your new luxury vinyl floor with installation from Johnny Carpet!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can luxury vinyl plank be refinished or repaired if damaged?

Unlike hardwood floors, luxury vinyl planks cannot be refinished. However, individually damaged planks can be replaced in some cases without the need to replace the entire floor, sometimes making repairs more manageable and cost-effective.

Is luxury vinyl plank suitable for homes with pets?

Yes, luxury vinyl plank is a perfect match for pet-friendly homes. Its scratch-resistant surface can withstand the day-to-day activities of pets, and its waterproofing makes accidents a breeze for clean-up.

How do I clean and maintain luxury vinyl plank flooring?

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is relatively easy to maintain. Regular sweeping or vacuuming to remove dirt is recommended, followed by damp mopping with a manufacturer-approved cleaner. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that could damage the surface.

What are the advantages of choosing luxury vinyl plank flooring?

Luxury vinyl plank flooring offers many advantages, including its realistic wood-like and ceramic appearances, water resistance, durability, easy maintenance, and affordability compared to traditional hardwood and ceramic flooring options.

What is luxury vinyl plank (LVP)?

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is a type of flooring that mimics the appearance of real hardwood or ceramic floors. It is a durable and versatile option made from multiple layers of PVC, making it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial spaces.